The driving force for change

As conservatives in Congress continue to alienate women, workers, and nearly everyone else with divisive policies – and the support of too many Democrats – it’s never been more important for progressives to stand up and lead.

Progressive Congress is the non-profit foundation building the political power for progressives in Congress that delivers results and unites the movement nationwide.

We provide the staff support and resource infrastructure to engage the American public and create strategic action plans that bring progressive activists, organizations, and Congress together to make change happen on the issues that matter to all Americans.


Progressive Congress is a 501(c)3 organization that serves as the vital linkage between grassroots progressive activists and organizations and progressive champions in Congress. We help shape the progressive agenda by turning innovative, forward-thinking ideas into action and amplifying and strengthening progressive messages on the Hill and beyond.



Progressive Congress helps to better the performance of progressives in the media and on TV. We have an extensive media program including a long running series of briefings aimed at teaching progressives how to be media specialists. 


Progressive Congress has a number of fellowships we sponsor both on and off the Hill. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Please check out our Fellowships page for more details!


One of the signature events of Progressive Congress, we host one of the most prevalent and important progressive Summits of the year! The Summit brings together progressive lawmakers, thought leaders, organizers, and others together for a two day Summit meant to connect progressives with progressive ideas. 


Policy Issues

Progressive Congress focuses on a number of different policy issues facing progressives today. Ranging from women's issues to the economy to national security and human rights, we help to educate progressives and lawmakers on the issues that matter most. 


If you feel passionate about progressive issues and helping to educate Congress about what matters most, please consider a donation to Progressive Congress

Your help goes a long way towards educating a more progressive America!