Congressional MEssenger Program

The Congressional Messenger Program created a media-ready team of compelling spokespersons in Congress who can now advance progressive aims on immigration - building a cohesive values-based narrative and elevating the voices of underrepresented and vulnerable aspiring citizens.

The Congressional Messenger Program, a cooperative effort coordinated by the CPCC, was developed by world-renowned media trainer and expert Joel Silberman; messaging partners Dr. Drew Westen, Celinda Lake, Anat Shenker- Osorio and Ryan Clayton; and issue area specialists and organizations America Votes, National Immigration Forum, Center for American Progress, Voices for America’s Children, Progressive States Network, Zero to Three, Every Child Matters. 

Demonstrated Success

Our program continues to increase reach and popularity year after year. We have created enough of a presence on the Hill, that our partners continue to reach out to us for future media briefing bookings and eagerly inquire about our fall/winter briefing calendar. The CPCC forged progressive voices inside Congress into media messengers able to go toe-to- toe with Conservatives on TV. Our Congressional Messenger Program has created an institution for media development upon which many offices have come to rely.