Progressive Congress has a number of Fellowships both on and off the Hill. These have been designed to help empower young progressives through placing them in Fellowships which will help them to flourish and grow as individuals while helping the wider progressive movement. 

Our Fellowships are a reflection of the issues of current importance to progressives on the Hill with a special focus on the areas of greatest needs. Our current Fellowship opportunities can be found below and on the linked pages.

While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, most Fellowships are for a 6 month duration and extendable up to a year. Please keep en eye out for postings about when Progressive Congress is looking to place a Fellow. And if you know of any qualified candidates, please email us!



Progressive Congress sponsors a Communications Fellowship embedded within the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The position focuses on bringing together a coherent and powerful communications strategy for the CPC and to help amplify progressive values on the Hill and in the media.


Progressive Congress sponsors a Trade Fellowship embedded within the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The positions focuses on bringing together a more coherent CPC in the realm of international trade, focusing on the education of progressive policies and principles regarding international trade. 


Progressive Congress sponsors an Environment Fellow within our offices. The position focuses on educating and amplifying progressive environmental policies both on and off the Hill. The position combines environmentalism with communications strategy to focus on the best practices of educating the country on progressive environmental policies.