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September 23, 2016


Progressive Congress Calls for Congress to Include Full Funding for Flint, MI in Continuing Resolution



Washington, D.C. — On Thursday, September 22, U.S. Senate Republicans proposed a short-term spending bill Thursday that would fund the government into December but does not allocate any money to address the lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan. Progressive Congress joins many other organizations and calls on Congress to pass a continuing resolution that includes full funding to address the ongoing health crisis in Flint and to institute preventative measures to ensure that other cities and towns at risk across America do not experience the harrowing crisis that has left Flint families facing scary health problems and with little recourse to fix their water supply.


Progressive Congress applauds the Members of Congress who have called for full funding for Flint and urges their colleagues from both sides of the aisle to join their ranks. Congress must support the people of Flint and understand that this crisis goes beyond politics. Lead poisoning has affected the lives of thousands of people in Flint, and we must treat this like the medical emergency that it is. This crisis can only be addressed through comprehensive infrastructure investment and repairs. Any responsible short-term spending bill must include investment in the city of Flint so that it can rebuild and look to a better future for all Flint families.



(Photo: hildgrim / Flickr)

(Photo: hildgrim / Flickr)