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Press Contact

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Articles and Editorials

our original pieces on a wide range of progressive issues have appeared in multiple media outlets.

Articles and Editorials

our original pieces on a wide range of progressive issues have appeared in multiple media outlets.



How Elites Scam Americans Out of Housing

Olivia Alperstein, OtherWords
May 2, 2018








Equal Pay for Equal Work: It's Time

Gabriela Lemus, BuzzFlash Truthout
April 16, 2018




It’s Time for Equal Pay for Equal Work

Gabriela Lemus, Common Dreams
April 10, 2018




It’s on Us to Stop the War in Yemen

Olivia Alperstein, OtherWords
April 4, 2018

Also Featured On: Common Dreams, Foreign Policy in Focus, The Mountain Mail (Salida, CO), and others



Celebrate Black History Month by Fighting for Justice and Equity

Olivia Alperstein, Common Dreams
February 2, 2018



A Battle Over More Than Just a Galaxy

Olivia Alperstein, OtherWords
January 24, 2018

Also Featured On: Xenia Gazette, Fairborn Daily Herald, The Youngstown Vindicator, The Yorktown Crier, others





This Thanksgiving, I Stand in Gratitude for the Dissenters

Dr. Gabriela Lemus, INSIDESOURCES
November 22, 2017

Also Featured On: Tulsa World, News-Sentinel, Sun Sentinel, and others




From the Left: Birth Control Should Be Free, Not Over the Counter

Olivia Alperstein, InsideSources
July 16, 2017

Also Featured On: The Philadelphia Enquirer,, Palm Beach Post, others




Our President’s Word Wars

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords
JUNE 21, 2017

Also Featured On: Common Dreams






Right Now, Trump Can Start A Nuclear War

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords
March 15, 2017

Also Featured On: Common Dreams, The Wire, Foreign Policy in Focus, Business Standard, others





It's Only My Health

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords
March 11, 2017

Also Featured On: Common Dreams, Floyd Country (KY) Times, Manteca (CA) Bulletin, Tullahoma (TN) News, Fairborn Daily Herald, others




All Women Deserve Access to Tampons, Period

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords
December 21, 2016

Also Featured On: Truthout, Eureka Times-Standard, Manteca Bulletin, Ribon Bulletin, and others




Get an IUD While You Can

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords
November 23, 2016

Also Featured On: Alternet, CommonDreams, and others






Prison Labor is Slavery by Another Name

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords
October 12, 2016







COngress Must Move Beyond Partisan Politics and Act on Zika

Dr. Gabriela Lemus, THe Hill
August 15, 2016

Also Featured On: CommonDreams, and others




Column: Reproductive Justice for All, Not Just Cisgender Heterosexual Women

Olivia Alperstein, South Florida Gay News
June 10, 2016




Expand Social Security, find ways to ensure its growth

Olivia Alperstein, The Orlando Sentinel
May 24, 2016





hildgrim / Flickr

hildgrim / Flickr

The United States of Flint

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords
April 6, 2016




On the Eve of Purim, Let's Not Condemn All Muslims

Olivia Alperstein, DailyKos
March 23, 2016





All College Should Be Debt-Free

Olivia Alperstein, InsideSources
March 4, 2016







Flint, MI Water Crisis Is Proof Positive That We Need Better Infrastructure and a Progressive Budget

Olivia Alperstein, DailyKos
March 3, 2016






Today's Supreme Court Case Will Determine Whether Millions of Women Can AccesS Abortion

Olivia Alperstein, DailyKos
March 2, 2016


Real Feminists Don’t Tell Women How to Vote

Olivia Alperstein, OtherWords
February 24, 2016







You've Got to Be Carefully Taught

Olivia Alperstein, Otherwords                          January 20, 2016







Let’s Finish What Martin Luther King, Jr. Started

olivia alperstein, Medium                              January 19, 2016







Fear-mongering hurts us all

olivia alperstein, otherwords                 december 16, 2015

Also Featured On: Floyd County (KY) Times, Juan Cole, Times Republican, and 5 others




Minimum Wage Is Not           a Livable Wage

olivia alperstein, Common Dreams    December 11, 2015

Also Featured On: TruthDig, Manchester Sun Times, Stars Hollow Gazette, and 10 others




Refugees Are As American As Baseball

olivia alperstein, otherwords                      december 2, 2015

Also featured on: Eastern Group Publications (Group of 12 publications across Eastern Seaboard), Decatur (GA) Daily Democrat, Times Republican, and 10 others






Founders Didn’t Intend to Protect Hate Speech When They Wrote the First Amendment

olivia alperstein, Insidesources                       November 21, 2015

Also Featured On: The Philadelphia Enquirer, Austin (TX) American Statesman, The Las Vegas Sun, and 12 others




Severing the 'Gordian Knot':                                     Defying Conventional     Wisdom and Reversing         Current Trade Policy

Gabriela Lemus, Huffington Post              June 2, 2015


Reality Check:                     Latino Voters Just Aren't That Into You

Gabriela Lemus, Huffington Post       october 22, 2014

Also Featured On: News Taco






Militarization of Police in America – what does it mean for the nation?

Gabriela Lemus, Blue nation review
august 19, 2014

Also Featured On: News Taco




Shadow GOP Spending Big on Outreach to Latinos

Gabriela Lemus, News Taco                            August 12, 2014





Unfinished Business: House GOP Uses Children as Scapegoats

Gabriela Lemus, Blue nation review
august 4, 2014





Welcoming the First Latino Supreme Court Justice

Gabriela Lemus, Huffington Post             June 27, 2009

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Andrey Popov

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Michigan Municipal League



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Woodley Wonder Works



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Fort Meade

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Steve Rhodes

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In the News

In the News


Coalition of 36 major netroots groups launches to save net neutrality

Press Release, Demand Progress; June 11, 2018

100 US Mayors sign a pledge to boycott ISPs that commit Net Neutrality violations

Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing; April 29, 2018

New Legislation Would Provide Urgent Protections to Prevent Another Flint Water Crisis Amid Trump’s Attack on Public Water

Common Dreams; April 25, 2018

A Guaranteed “Jobs for All” Program Is Gaining Traction Among 2020 Democratic Hopefuls

Kate Aronoff, The intercept; April 1, 2018

U.S. Democrats & Europe’s Left – Connecting Across Borders

Laura Flanders, The Ring of Fire Network; March 29, 2018

U.S. Democrats & Europe's Left - Connecting Across Borders

Laura Flanders, The Laura Flanders Show; March 27, 2018

Global call for peace marks 15th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq

Ellen Ratner, Talk Media News; March 18, 2018

Sanders Joins Progressive Activists for International Call to Build Globally Coordinated People’s Movement for Peace

Press release, Common dreams; March 16, 2018

Opening a New Way for Democrats to Run and Win

Robert Borosage, Common Dreams; March 16, 2018

Progressives Have the Right Plan to Win in November

Robert Borosage, The Nation; March 15, 2018

A Party Within the Democratic Party

Sarah Jaffe, The New Republic; March 14, 2018

The Week Ahead in New York Politics, March 12

Ben Max and Ben Brachfield, Gotham Gazette; March 11, 2018

Indivisible founders anticipate 'a lot of good surprises' in November's midterms

Adam Gabbatt and Lauren Gambino, The Guardian; March 10, 2018

NYC mayor stops in Baltimore on way to Texas, promotes progressive issues and bashes Trump policies

Jillian Jorgensen, Baltimore Sun; March 10, 2018

The Progressive Challenge

Robert Borosage, OpedNews; March 10, 2018

De Blasio embarks on a 5-day swing through the south

Pulse Nigeria; March 10, 2018

De Blasio seeking mayor allies to oppose Trump admin during 5 day tour: report

Jacqueline Thomsen, The Hill; March 10, 2018

Elizabeth Warren Says Democratic Votes for Wall Street This Week Are a “Stab in the Heart”

Kate Aronoff, The Intercept; March 9, 2018

De Blasio Embarks on a 5-Day Swing Through the South

Jeffery C. Mays, The New York Times; March 9, 2018

De Blasio will go on tour to push progressive agenda

Rich Calder, The New York Post; March 8, 2018

De Blasio headed south for five-day trip that includes anti-Trump panel at Texas festival

Jillian Jorgensen, New York Daily News; March 8, 2018

De Blasio, on a national mission, heads to Texas

Gloria Pazmino, POlitico; March 8, 2018

Howard University’s Freshman Leadership Academy Students Invited to Attend the Progressive Caucus Center 2018 Strategy Summit in Baltimore

Howard University Newsroom (Press release); March 6, 2018

Alyssa Milano Partners With LOVE IS LOUDER For Special Valentine's Day Initiative: #LoveIsLouder When We...

TV News Desk, Broadway World; February 2, 2018

Celebrate Black History Month by Fighting for Justice and Equity

Common Dreams; February 2, 2018

This Thanksgiving, take off the boxing gloves | Opinion

Sun Sentinel; November 22, 2017

From a coalition of gun violence prevention groups: An open letter to all elected leaders in America

Wisconsin Gazette; October 6, 2017

Letter: Groups Call on U.S. House to Reject Riders

Jen Herrick, People for the American Way Blog; September 5, 2017

POTUS Ban on Transgender Military Service Members Is Discriminatory and Dangerous

Dailykos Blog; July 26, 2017

POTUS Ban on Transgender Military Service Members Is Discriminatory and Dangerous

Common dreams (Press release); July 26, 2017

US Sen. Ed Markey looks to limit President Donald Trump's ability to launch nuclear strike

Shannon Young,; May 3, 2017

Intervención de Keith Ellison respecto a participación del PRD en Progressive Congress; May 3, 2017

Intervención del Senador Bernie Sanders respecto a participación del PRD en Progressive Congress; May 3, 2017

Almost 60 Organizations Call on Gap to Stop Funding the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Public Citizen Press release; April 24, 2017

Americans Bracing for More War Under Trigger-Happy Trump

Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams; April 14, 2017

Laura McCauley: Americans Bracing for More War Under Trigger-Happy Trump

Lauren McCauley, Vox Populi; April 14, 2017

Coalition Letter in Support of Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance for Washington, D.C.

DC Paid Family Leave Coalition Press Release; April 7, 2017

Hecho en América – El Partido Demócrata en la era Trump – 05/04/2017 [Interview Clip]

Hecho en America, Rompemiento TV; April 5, 2017

Letter to Congress: AFR and 22 Organizations Oppose Jay Clayton for SEC Chair

Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) Press Release; April 5, 2017

Van PRD y el Partido Demócratico por Defensa de Immigrantes

Misael Zavala, El Universal; March 30, 2017

PRD aborda derechos políticos de connacionales en Estados Unidos

Terra Notícias; March 30, 2017

PRD y el Partido Demócrata se alían en defensa de migrantes

Pulso de San Luis; March 30, 2017

PRD aborda derechos políticos de connacionales en Estados Unidos

24 Horas; March 30, 2017

PRD llevará a cabo seminario “México-Estados Unidos”

El Trome; March 30, 2017


As Trump Slashes Climate Protections, Ellison, Jealous, Van Jones, & House of Cards Creator Call on Cuomo to Lead

Environmental Advocates of New York Press Release; March 29, 2017

Perredistas anuncian foros que darán continuidad a estrategia pro migrantes

Terra México; March 28, 2017

156 Civil and Human Rights Groups Call for Stronger Response to Hate Incidents

The Rainbow Times; March 24, 2017

National civil rights organizations call for investigation into American Muslim teenager’s death

Kendall Brown, Muslim Advocates blog; March 10, 2017

156 Civil and Human Rights Groups Call for Stronger Response to Hate Incidents

Commondreams; March 10, 2017

156 Civil and Human Rights Groups Call for Stronger Response to Hate Incidents

The trevor Project Press release; March 10, 2017

Inside the Democrats' Plan to Fight Trump

Andy Kroll, ROlling Stone; March 9, 2017

'Resistance Address' Rally Outside White House Sends Trump off Before Speech with Message that Americans Oppose His Harmful Agenda

Food & Water Watch Blog; February 28, 2017

Advocacy groups protest regulatory repeal actions

Industrial Safety & Hygiene News; February 27, 2017

To Save The Progressives: U.S. Reps Pramila Jayapal, Mark Pocan, Barbara Lee, Yvette Clark

Laura Flanders, The Laura Flanders Show, LINK TV; February 23, 2017

Resisting Trump Is Not Enough

Robert Borosage, The NAtion; February 16, 2017

Seth Meyers: Democrats Must ‘Have Something To Offer’ To Win Back The Americans Who Voted For Trump

Andrew Husband, UPROXX; February 9, 2017

It’s Time for the Congressional Progressive Caucus to Raise Its Game

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Common Dreams; February 8, 2017

It’s time for the Congressional Progressive Caucus to raise its game

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the Washington post; February 8, 2017

FCNL Lobbyist Yasmine Taeb Speaks at Progressive Congress Summit with Two Members of Congress

Rebecca Harris and Yasmine Taeb, FCNL Blog; February 7, 2017

Democrats dig in to fight Trump's takedown of Dodd-Frank financial regulations

Jim Puzzanghera, The Los Angeles Times; February 6, 2017

Trump targets CFPB in plan to unravel Dodd-Frank Act

S. A. Miller, The Washington Times; February 5, 2017

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Democrats need to grow a backbone

Sky Valley Chronicle; February 5, 2017

Elizabeth Warren Just Gave Democrats The Recipe For Defeating Trump’s Agenda

John Harper,; February 5, 2017

Elizabeth Warren To Democrats: Only an 'Opposition Party' Can Defeat Trump

Jon Queally, Common Dreams; February 4, 2017

Elizabeth Warren says Democrats need to ‘grow a backbone’ in speech to liberals

Nik DeCosta-Klipa,; February 4, 2017

Elizabeth Warren Gives Progressives In Congress A Rousing Call To Arms Against Trump

Daniel Marans, Huffington Post; February 4, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren's 2017 Progressive Congress Strategy Summit Speech; February 4, 2017

125 Groups Opposing Use of the Congressional Review Act to Repeal Public Protections

Coalition for Sensible Safeguards Letter to U.S. Senators; January 30, 2017

Join Us for a Resistance Address

Food & Water Watch Blog; January 28, 2017

Organizational Sign-on Letter Opposing Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator

Food & Water Watch Letter to U.S. Senators; January 17, 2017

10 Banks Financing Dakota Access Pipeline Decline Meeting with Tribal Leaders

Global Justice Ecology Project Blog; January 17, 2017

10 Banks Financing Dakota Access Pipeline Decline Meeting with Tribal Leaders

Press Release, Common Dreams; January 13, 2017

10 banks financing Dakota Access Pipeline decline meeting with Tribal Leaders

Friends of the Earth Press Release; January 13, 2017

Tea Leaf Reading Forecasts A Coming Assault On Working People

Dave Johnson, Our Future BloG; December 1, 2016

Dakota Access company seeks court OK to proceeD

Arthur Fields, Highbury Clock; November 18, 2016

Thousands United Nationally to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline

Center for Biological Diversity Press Release; November 15, 2016

National Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV: October 23, 2016

Positive Women's Network USA Blog; October 23, 2016

The President Can Act Against Drug Company Rip-Offs. These House Dems Explain.

Richard (RJ) Eskow, Huffington Post; October 5, 2016

‘The Nation’ Launches Two New Columns Confronting Challenges Within and Outside Our Borders

Press Room, The Nation; September 29, 2016

Civil Rights, Faith, and Environmental Groups Urge Congress to Address Flint Lead Crisis before Recess

Press Release, Common Dreams; September 26, 2016

Support Funding for Flint in the Continuing Resolution

Advocacy Letter, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; September 26, 2016

Why can’t we get a vote on the one thing the parties agree on?

Americans for Financial Security, Our Financial Security Blog; September 26, 2016

330,000+ Urge Congress to Pass Legislation to Ensure Affordable, Safe Water Service for All

Press Release, Food and Water Watch; September 21, 2016

Important Victory In The Fight Against Private Prisons

Isaiah J. Poole, Our Future Blog; August 18, 2016

Illinois Congressmen Join House Democrats As They Sit-In For Gun Control Legislation (UPDATED)

Progress Illinois; June 22, 2016

Wide-Ranging Interfaith Coalition Backs ‘Freedom of Religion’ Bill To Stop Trump Ban On Muslims

Wilson Dizard, Mondoweiss; May 12, 2016

Why Better Abortion Access Makes Women Richer

Catie L'Heureux; New York Magazine, April 27, 2016

Lack of access to abortion leaves women in poverty

Mary O'Hara; The Guardian, April 27, 2016

24 Organizations Call on Major Tech Companies to Refrain From Supporting Bigoted Political Party Conventions

National Iranian American Council, April 25, 2016

24 Diverse Civil Rights and Faith Groups Call on Major Technology Companies to Refrain From Supporting Bigoted Political Party Conventions

Fatima Khan, Muslim Advocates, April 20, 2016

It’s Time to Talk About How Economic Security Affects Reproductive Health Access

Kierra Johnson, URGE; InsideSources, April 17, 2016

100,000+ Urge President Obama to End Fossil Fuel Leasing from Public Lands and Waters

Rodrigo Estrada Patiño, GreenPEACE USA; March 30, 2016

69 Leading Civil Rights, Advocacy, And Faith Organizations Call Out Hateful Rhetoric In Wake Of Belgium,Turkey Tragedies

Media Matters for America; March 25, 2016

Progressive coalition to Senate: Do Your Job

Wisconsin Gazette, March 21, 2016

Honduras. Piden a EE.UU. que pare hidroeléctrica el territorio Lenca

Kaosenlared, March 13, 2016

Message from Progressive Congress Summit: “Seize the Moment”

OSI Baltimore, Baltimore Justice Report, February 12, 2016

FAA funding hearing highlights disagreements over privatization

AOPA Pilot, February 10, 2016

These Members of Congress Say They Will Confront Racial Inequality in America

Colorlines, February 8, 2016

U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman Named Best "Progressive Freshman" in Congress, February 6, 2016

Congressional Progressive Caucus Members Gather For A Summit On Racial Inequality

Huffington Post, February 5, 2016

What We Know About The Progressive Future: Here Come The Millennials

Our Future Blog, February 3, 2o16

FAA Overhaul Bill Stirs Uproar

The Wall Street Journal, February 2, 2016

Opposition launched against privatizing air-traffic control

USA TODAY, January 26, 2016

Advocacy Groups Form Coalition To Oppose ATC 'Privatization'

Aviation International News, January 26, 2016

Coalition formed against air traffic control privatization

Travel Weekly, January 26, 2016

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Adds Trumpet Award to Her Glowing Resume

Social Justice solutions, January 11, 2016

Organizaciones Exigen Un Alto a Las Redadas y Cambios en la Política Estadounidense Hacia Centroamérica

Guatemala Human Rights Commission, January 8, 2016

(READ IN ENGLISH: Stop the Raids and Focus Instead on U.S. Policy Toward Central America)

Press Releases

Press Releases


Post-Charlottesville Hate Crimes Summit Coalition Recommendations to the Department of Justice

Progressive Congress Action Fund: MOAB Strike in Afghanistan Underscores Urgent Need for Congressional Review of Authorization of Military Force

Progressive Congress Questions President’s Unilateral Action on Syria, Urges Congress to End Its Recess and Address Humanitarian Crisis

Dr. Gabriela Lemus of Progressive Congress Action Fund On Stephen Bannon’s Removal from the National Security Council: “He Had No Business Being on the NSC in the First Place”

Progressive Congress Stands with Native Nations March on Washington

Progressive Congress Condemns President Trump's Muslim Ban 2.0

Progressive Congress Action Fund Opposes President Trump’s Executive Orders Targeting Muslims, People of Arab Descent, and Immigrants

Progressive Congress Action Fund Joins Indigenous Activists and Environmental Organizations in Opposing New Executive Order Advancing Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

Progressive Congress Opposes the Nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

Progressive Congress Statement: New GOP House Rules on Public Lands Would Leave Them Vulnerable to Destruction at the Hands of Private Developers

Progressive Congress Statement: Trump’s Nomination of Andy Puzder as Secretary of Labor Is Anti-Workers, Anti-Union, and Anti-Labor Rights

Progressive Congress Applauds DHS Advisory Panel’s Recommendation to End Reliance on Use of Private Prisons as Immigration Detention Centers, Urges DHS to End Use of Private Prisons Entirely

Progressive Congress Statement: Trump’s Nomination of Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury Is “A Slap in the Face to Workers Everywhere”

progressive congress action fund statement in solidarity with all americans

Progressive Congress Condemns Incident in which African-American Student in Mississippi Had Noose Put Around His Neck

Progressive Congress Statement on THwarted Terrorist Attack against Somali Families

Progressive Congress Condemns D.C. Circuit Court Ruling Regarding Regulatory Power of the CFPB

Progressive Congress Calls for Congress to Include Flint Funding in Continuing Resolution

Progressive Congress Marks 15th Anniversary of September 11, Calls for Standing United as a Nation

Progressive Congress Calls for Meaningful Action after 4 Year Anniversary of Oak Creek Massacre

Progressive Congress Decries Supreme Court Ruling on DAPA That Leaves Millions of Families in Limbo

Progressive Congress Calls for Bold Action and Solidarity in the Wake of the Orlando, Florida Massacre

In Honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, Progressive Congress Calls for Immigration Reform, End to Hateful Rhetoric

Progressive Congress Women’s Roundtable on Reproductive Rights and Economic Insecurity

On the Supreme Court Vacancy: Republican Senators Must Fulfill Their Constitutional Duty


Progressive Congress Calls for Bold Action after President Obama’s State of the Union

Progressive Congress Supports President Obama’s Executive actions to Curb Gun Violence

official statement on house resolution condemning anti-muslim bigotry

Official Statement on Rep. Steve King's remarks about Reps. Keith Ellison and André Carson


Official Statement on Representative Loretta Sanchez's Remarks about Muslims