Bob Borosage

Founder and President of the Institute For America’s Future and Co Director of Campaign for America’s Future. 

Robert L. Borosage is the founder and president of the Institute for America’s Future and co-director of its sister organization, the Campaign for America’s Future. The organizations were launched by 100 prominent Americans to develop the policies, message and issue campaigns to help forge an enduring majority for progressive change in America. 

Mr. Borosage writes widely on political, economic and national security issues. He is a Contributing Editor at The Nation magazine, and a regular blogger on the Huffington Post. His articles have appeared in The American Prospect, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He edits the Campaign’s Making Sense issues guides, and is co-editor of Taking Back America (with Katrina Vanden Heuvel) and The Next Agenda (with Roger Hickey).

John Cavanagh

Director of the Institute for Policy Studies

John has a BA from Dartmouth College and a MA from Princeton University. He worked as an international economist for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (1978-1981) and the World Health Organization (1981-1982). He directed IPS’s Global Economy Project from 1983-1997. He is the co-author of 10 books and numerous articles on the global economy, including Development Redefined: How the Market Met Its Match (2008, Paradigm Publishers), written with Robin Broad.

Keith Ellison


Ex-Officio Board Member







Matt Entenza

Candidate for State Auditor, Minnesota 





Raúl Grijalva


Ex-Officio Board Member





Lisa Hasegawa

Executive Director National CAPACD

Since 2000, Lisa has led National CAPACD's efforts to be a powerful voice for the unique community development needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. She is the former Chair for the National Council for Asian Pacific Americans and currently serves on the Board of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. In 2003, Lisa was a Fellow in the Rockefeller Foundation's Next Generation Leadership Program.

Prior to joining National CAPACD, Lisa was the Community Liaison for the White House Initiative on AAPIs where she worked to involve and inform AAPI community groups across the country about Initiative activities. She also worked for the U.S. DHHS Health Resources and Services Administration and the Office of Minority Health. Lisa previously worked at two community health centers serving low-income AAPIs in Los Angeles and Oakland, California.

She is the author of The Change I Believe In: Fighting for Progress in The Age of Obama (Nation Books, 2011). She is also the editor of Meltdown: How Greed and Corruption Shattered Our Financial System and How We Can Recover and co-editor of Taking Back America--And Taking Down The Radical Right.

Barbara Lee


Ex-Officio Board Member





Ana M. Ma

COO, Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

As HRC's Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff, Ana M. Ma is responsible for providing internal leadership and executing operational goals in partnership with HRC's senior leadership team. She works across the organization to ensure that priorities are integrated and executed throughout all departments.

Prior to joining HRC, Ma served as Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Labor, working on issues such as the Workforce Innovation Fund and the reintegration of veterans into the workplace. During the Clinton Administration, she served as a liaison to county and municipal officials across the country and worked in the Office of Employment and Training Administration.

Prior to her appointment at the U.S. Department of Labor, Ma was Chief of Staff at the U.S. Small Business Administration from 2009-2011 and served as Senior Counsel and Chief of Staff to Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) for three terms. She began her work for him after spearheading his first Congressional campaign in 2002 and helping him win an open seat in Pima County with forty percent of the vote.

Ms. Ma grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and graduated from the University of Arizona, receiving a degree in Political Science. She has been involved in grassroots organizing for over twenty-five years, and has participated in the electoral process at all levels – from the school board to the last six presidential campaigns.

A resident of Washington, D.C., Ma is engaged to her partner and they plan to get married soon. Ma identifies as both a Latina and Asian-American.

Conrad Martin

Executive Director, Stewart R. Mott Foundation 

Conrad Martin is the Executive Director of the Stewart R. Mott Foundation. Additionally, Mr. Martin serves as the Executive Director of the Fund for Constitutional Government and chairs the Board of Directors of HALT - - Americans for Legal Reform.  Mr. Martin also serves on the Boards of the Center for International Policy, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the American Progressive Caucus Foundation. Mr. Martin served in the Peace Corps from 1981 to 1983 as a Forage Agronomist on the island of Barbados. He is a graduate of Utah State University where he studied Agronomy and International Agricultural Development with a focus in Agricultural Economics. Born in Mexico, Mr. Martin is fluent in conversational Spanish and has traveled widely in South America, Central America, Europe and the Near East.

Lawrence Mishel

President Economic Policy Institute

Lawrence Mishel, is President of the Economic Policy Institute, a role he assumed in 2002. Mishel first joined EPI in 1987 as research director. In the more than two decades he has been with EPI, Mishel has helped build it into the nation’s premier research organization focused on U.S. living standards and labor markets.

Mishel has co-authored all 12 editions of The State of Working America, a book that former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich says “remains unrivaled as the most-trusted source for a comprehensive understanding of how working Americans and their families are faring in today’s economy.” The State of Working America has been an invaluable resource in newsrooms, classrooms, and halls of power since 1988.

Mishel’s primary research interests include labor markets and education. He has written extensively on wage and job quality trends in the United States. He co-edited a research volume on emerging labor market institutions for the National Bureau of Economic Research. His 1988 research on manufacturing data led the U.S. Commerce Department to revise the way it measures U.S. manufacturing output. This new measure helped accurately document the long decline in U.S. manufacturing, a trend that is now widely understood.

Mishel has testified before Congress on the importance of promoting policies that reduce inequality, generate jobs, improve the lives of American workers and their families, and strengthen the middle class. He also serves frequently as a commentator in print, broadcast, and online media.

Prior to joining EPI, Mishel held a number of research roles, including a fellowship at the U.S. Department of Labor. He also served as a faculty member at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Mishel also served as an economist for several unions, including the Auto Workers, Steelworkers, AFSCME, and the Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO. Mishel holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Originally from Philadelphia, he has four children and one grandson and lives with his wife and two dogs in Washington, D.C

Mark Pocan


Ex-Officio Board Member





Stephen Shaff

Founder of Community Vision Partners (C-VP)

Stephen Shaff moved to Washington, DC to pursue a PhD in Social and Political Psychology, armed with a great ambition to work for a more sustainable and socially just society. Being a city of two very distinct economic classes, I soon found that there was plenty of social injustice to address right here in my newly adopted hometown.

While he valued his academic endeavor, he took a leave of absence to set out on a career in community development and advocacy. This decision led him on a very active path that combined his business expertise with a social agenda – from within the decrepit inner-city of Washington, DC to the hallowed halls of Congress.  Community-Vision Partners (C-VP) is the culmination of 25 years of my organizing and social enterprise work.

C-VP was founded with a philosophy that community and social change cannot happen with a 'tunnel-vision' approach.  Too often, for example, social organizations are so focused on their specific agenda or keeping the doors open that they don't realize how strategic partners and allies can offer pragmatic solutions that can leverage their efforts.  Indeed, 'Community-Vision' is a term that is the direct opposite of a tunnel-vision agenda.

Therefore, C-VP and its associates are committed to expanding an economic model where we integrate the savvy and efficiencies of social enterprise economics while simultaneously engaging the power and methods of community activism and political advocacy.  You are greatly encouraged to share your vision of how we may be able to collaborate for the greater good.

Hadar Susskind

Director, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Hadar Susskind is the Director of Bend the Arc Jewish Action and the Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC. His work is focused on building a strong political operation that will bring the voices of progressive American Jews into the halls of power in Washington DC.

Hadar has been widely acknowledged as one of the Jewish community’s leading progressive advocacy voices and brings more than a dozen years of experience working in Washington DC on both domestic and foreign policy. In that role he has built strong relationships with members of Congress, administration officials, and progressive partners and allies from across the spectrum of American political life.

Before joining Bend the Arc Hadar was Vice President of the Tides Foundation. Hadar previously served as Vice President for Policy and Strategy at J Street and was also Vice President and Washington Director for the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA). Previously, Hadar held positions at a number of other Jewish organizations including the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL), the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and the Israel Policy Forum.

Hadar has also served on the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Initiatives Task Force on the Environment, as well as the Board of Directors of the Coalition on Human Needs and Ameinu. Hadar was recognized by the Forward newspaper as one the Fifty Most Influential Jews in America for 2008. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland and holds the rank of Sergeant First Class in the Israel Defense Forces. He lives in Maryland with his wife and two children.

Shaunna Thomas

Co-founder, UltraViolet

Shaunna Thomas is co-founder and co-Executive Director of UltraViolet, an organization of women and men fighting for women’s rights, from politics and policy to media and pop culture. Shaunna has had a ten year career in progressive organizing, building progressive infrastructure projects and winning critical policy fights at the national level. 

Before founding UltraViolet, Shaunna was the Executive Director of the P Street Project, a 501c4 nonprofit dedicated to organizing progressive members of Congress and connecting federal legislative strategy with online grassroots mobilization efforts. 

Prior to that, Shaunna was the COO of Progressive Congress, a nonprofit supporting the policy and organizing work of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Shaunna was introduced to organizing and advocacy through the 2004 presidential election, which inspired the next five years of her work at Young People For, a Project of People For the American Way Foundation dedicated to identifying, engaging and empowering the next generation of progressive leaders. 

Shaunna--originally from Los Angeles--is a resident of Washington, DC.

Katrina vanden Huevel

Editor and Publisher of The Nation 

Katrina is a frequent commentator on American and international politics on ABC, MSNBC, CNN and PBS. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Foreign Policy magazine and The Boston Globe.

She writes a weekly web column for The Washington Post. Her blog "Editor's Cut" appears at




Keith Mestrich

President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank

Keith Mestrich is President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank. Keith joined the bank in 2012 after serving four years as the CFO of SEIU. A 25-year veteran of the labor movement with Workers United, UNITE HERE, UNITE and the AFL-CIO, he started at Amalgamated as Director of the bank’s Washington D.C. office. Keith is a Fellow of the inaugural class of the Finance Leaders Fellowship Program and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Roosevelt Institute, Democracy Alliance, Progressive Congress, Sidney Hillman Foundation, Capital and Main, The Workers Lab, Working America Education Fund, The Public Utility Law Project, Hot Bread Kitchen and the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Girls Who Invest and The Patriotic Millionaires, and is a Trustee on the Consolidated Retirement Fund. Read more about Keith Mestrich here.