Press Contact
Olivia Alperstein
November 20, 2016


Progressive Congress Action Fund
Statement in Solidarity with All Americans


Washington, D.C.— On November 10, after the presidential election results, Progressive Congress Action Fund released the following statement:

"Our nation is only as strong as its principles — our core American values uplift all people of all backgrounds and life circumstances who all make this nation great. Our Constitution enshrines freedom of expression and identity, because our rich history and our future have always depended on America as a whole being the sum of its parts. As an organization, we fight on a daily basis for people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT people, low-income people, rural people, non-Christians, and other communities that have been historically marginalized and economically disenfranchised.

"We stand united against the systems of oppression that are woven into our daily lives and commit once again to fighting against injustice in all its inter-layered and interconnected forms. The very fabric of our nation was shaped by immigrants, refugees, and slaves — people who, faced with fear, ignorance, and backlash, made this country stronger by demanding equal treatment.  We would not be a great nation without our diversity of thought and experience, or without We the People demanding a voice in the political landscape. We proudly stand beside our fellow Americans against any acts of hatred or bigotry, in support of justice movements in this country.

"Our nation is united in our demand for accountability from our leaders at all levels of our government and in corporations, as well as in our resolve to build an economy that works for all. We all, regardless of affiliation, have grown sick and tired of the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer, or even get prison. People are tired of politics as usual, and tired of the status quo. We hear an urgent desire for long-term change, and now more than ever, a need for inside-outside organizing.

"Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in Congress champion progressive ideas and groundbreaking policies, and we look forward to continuing to connect those leaders with ordinary people across America and with people actively fighting for a metaphorical seat at the table. We will fight harder than ever to tackle widespread systemic issues of racism, environmental justice, reproductive justice, and civil rights. We will fight for the hard-won Constitutional and Supreme Court victories that have made this country more welcoming, accepting, and safe for all of us, not just a few of us.

“The recent election resulted in some historic representational victories in Congress and in state governments, and we believe these victories reflect a broader desire for inclusivity. Four women of color have been elected to the Senate, including the second black woman ever to hold office in the Senate, Kamala Harris.  In addition, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota will be nation’s first Somali-American state legislator. As more people see themselves represented in government, we hope they will also have more of a voice.

"'America's divisions must be bridged. We don't get to decide who is an American, but we can decide what type of Americans we want to be,' stated Dr. Gabriela D. Lemus, President of Progressive Congress Action Fund. 'At Progressive Congress Action Fund we continue to focus on the important work that lies ahead. The issues haven't changed — the environment in which we work will decidedly change. We will continue to build dialogue around the issues we care about: an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy few; a comprehensive immigration policy that welcomes those who seek the American Dream; a commitment to quality of life that includes policies that embrace families and protect the environment so that generations to come will have safe drinking water and breathable air; a justice system that treats people fairly and recognizes and reverses the harmful impact of racism and mass incarceration on local communities; and an international agenda for peace and security focused on diplomacy, conflict resolution and cooperation. This work is more necessary and urgent than ever, and we are proud to continue to unite with many other groups and organizations in fighting for these critical issues.'"