A more progressive economy is one that works for all. Every American who works hard for a better future for their family and for themselves should be able to achieve prosperity and a good life. These principles help to guide the fight for an economy that works for everyone, not just for the wealthiest Americans. 


Central to a more progressive American economy are the principles of the rights of workers. Working in the United States should include the entrenched rights to organize, collectively bargain, and build a stronger and more robust workforce that helps to protect the hardest working Americans, and ensure that an individual is paid a fair wage for fair work.


America is a nation of immigrants. And we believe that diversity built through immigration has helped to create the diverse, beautiful, and strong country we live in today. Our immigration system is long overdue for comprehensive reform to reflect the realities of the 21st century. Progressive Congress seeks to educate progressives on and off the Hill about the progressive values and potential policies regarding CIR.



The rights of women is a central issue to the founding principles of the United States. Women still, on average, earn less than their male counterparts, experience workplace discrimination, face barriers to accessing healthcare, and are still subject to inequality in key aspects of their daily lives. 

America is far overdue regarding the important principles of women's rights in America and ensuring that all individuals are treated equally, regardless of their gender. Progressive Congress seeks to educate individuals both on and off the Hill regarding the continued inequities between the genders and how America could move forward towards a better and more equitable future via progressive principles and policies. 


Foreign policy, national security, and human rights were one of the founding policy areas of Progressive Congress and continue to be one of our most important issues. 

Progressive Congress seeks to educate Congress and the wider United States about a more progressive and enlightened foreign policy. One that focuses on securing our national and working for a more peaceful global community through diplomacy. The security state and pricniples of peace-through-force are antithetical to progressive principles and issues Progressive Congress seeks to educate upon to help secure a brighter and more peaceful global community.