Post-Charlottesville Hate Crimes Summit Coalition Recommendations to the Department of Justice

Progressive Congress Action Fund: MOAB Strike in Afghanistan Underscores Urgent Need for Congressional Review of Authorization of Military Force

Progressive Congress Questions President’s Unilateral Action on Syria, Urges Congress to End Its Recess and Address Humanitarian Crisis

Dr. Gabriela Lemus of Progressive Congress Action Fund On Stephen Bannon’s Removal from the National Security Council: “He Had No Business Being on the NSC in the First Place”

Progressive Congress Stands with Native Nations March on Washington

Progressive Congress Condemns President Trump's Muslim Ban 2.0

Progressive Congress Action Fund Opposes President Trump’s Executive Orders Targeting Muslims, People of Arab Descent, and Immigrants

Progressive Congress Action Fund Joins Indigenous Activists and Environmental Organizations in Opposing New Executive Order Advancing Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

Progressive Congress Opposes the Nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

Progressive Congress Statement: New GOP House Rules on Public Lands Would Leave Them Vulnerable to Destruction at the Hands of Private Developers

Progressive Congress Statement: Trump’s Nomination of Andy Puzder as Secretary of Labor Is Anti-Workers, Anti-Union, and Anti-Labor Rights

Progressive Congress Applauds DHS Advisory Panel’s Recommendation to End Reliance on Use of Private Prisons as Immigration Detention Centers, Urges DHS to End Use of Private Prisons Entirely

Progressive Congress Statement: Trump’s Nomination of Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury Is “A Slap in the Face to Workers Everywhere”

progressive congress action fund statement in solidarity with all americans

Progressive Congress Condemns Incident in which African-American Student in Mississippi Had Noose Put Around His Neck

Progressive Congress Statement on THwarted Terrorist Attack against Somali Families

Progressive Congress Condemns D.C. Circuit Court Ruling Regarding Regulatory Power of the CFPB

Progressive Congress Calls for Congress to Include Flint Funding in Continuing Resolution

Progressive Congress Marks 15th Anniversary of September 11, Calls for Standing United as a Nation

Progressive Congress Calls for Meaningful Action after 4 Year Anniversary of Oak Creek Massacre

Progressive Congress Decries Supreme Court Ruling on DAPA That Leaves Millions of Families in Limbo

Progressive Congress Calls for Bold Action and Solidarity in the Wake of the Orlando, Florida Massacre

In Honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, Progressive Congress Calls for Immigration Reform, End to Hateful Rhetoric

Progressive Congress Women’s Roundtable on Reproductive Rights and Economic Insecurity

On the Supreme Court Vacancy: Republican Senators Must Fulfill Their Constitutional Duty


Progressive Congress Calls for Bold Action after President Obama’s State of the Union

Progressive Congress Supports President Obama’s Executive actions to Curb Gun Violence

official statement on house resolution condemning anti-muslim bigotry

Official Statement on Rep. Steve King's remarks about Reps. Keith Ellison and André Carson


Official Statement on Representative Loretta Sanchez's Remarks about Muslims