The Progressive Caucus Action Fund

The Progressive Caucus Action Fund (PCAF) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that is working across the progressive movement to unite stakeholders around common goals, build infrastructure, secure real wins in the House of Representatives, and amplify the successes of progressive champions nationwide. The PCAF works with our partners to translate the electoral power that progressives showed in 2018 into governing power. Through our policy and research council, our movement table and our labor council we work to strengthen and unite the progressive movement. By identifying key inflection points and organizing across the movement to seize these moments, we open up new progressive possibilities and strengthen the movement infrastructure as a whole. With an ascendant progressive movement and new Democratic control of the House, the Progressive Caucus Action Fund sees a major opportunity to make significant legislative progress in the next two years, build our movement, and help prepare for a governing moment in 2020.

We have a short window of opportunity to show the American public that the progressive Democratic majority in Congress is fighting for us. In 2018, we elected the most progressive and diverse Congress ever including the first Native woman, the first Muslim woman and the youngest woman ever to serve. These progressive champions are deeply connected to progressive movements in an unprecedented way. By engaging new organizational stakeholders in driving wins on the House floor - making phone calls, getting cosponsors, holding town halls, setting up in-district meetings, and more - we will deepen grassroots’ organizations’ engagement in the policymaking process. This ensures that policies and priorities in the House of Representatives reflect what progressives across the country want and need. In addition, we are amplifying our elected champions' victories outside the D.C. bubble. Together we are building a united and strong movement that can win.