Each year, Progressive Congress hosts an annual Summit meant to bring together progressive lawmakers and progressive organizers and thought leaders from across the country. The Summit aims to connect these two groups for each to better understand progressive policies and actions in the United States today.

The Summit has been one of our cornerstone events, creating an environment that truly connects the progressive game changers to Congress. The Summit helps to set the agenda for the progressive movement for the coming year. 

The first Progressive Congress Summit was help in early 2010 and has been held every year since in early February. Over a thousand leaders from the progressive movement have come together during these years to help educate and connect with one another about progressive policy and progressive beliefs in America.

The event is seen as one of quintessential progressive policy events of the year, helping to guide and educate key progressives in America on the issues that matter most. 

The Progressive Congress Summit is an off the record, invite-only event.